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  • Leaking taps, pipes, roofs and gas points

  • Blocked drains, gutters and sewage pipes

  • Burst or damaged pipes

  • Maintenance of sewage treatment plants

  • Gas leaks & damage to pipes, fittings & connections

  • Testing gas heaters carbon monoxide leakage

  • Replacement of gas heaters, stoves and instantaneous hot water systems

  • Maintenance of commercial kitchen plumbing, gas, waste pits and drains

  • Hot water system faults & replacement

  • Damage to and maintenance of solar hot water systems

  • Emergency repairs, water and gas 

  • Plus lots more ...

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We can assess, design and install a plumbing system that is environmentally friendly and fits within your budget.

We can help you with:

  • Under floor grey and black water piping

  • All in-house plumbing, copper or flexible tube, sinks, showers, kitchens including gas appliances 

  • Wood heater & wetback circulating systems hot water systems

  • Gas, electric, solid fuel and solar hot water systems

  • Roofing: Iron roofing, guttering, leaf guard systems and rain water catchment, first flush diverter systems

  • Tanks, sump pumps/pressure pumps

  • Sewerage management systems including septic tanks, grey water systems, treatment plants, sand filtering systems and irrigation fields

  • Mains water tapping, connections and repairs

  • Garden watering systems using recycled water/fresh water/grey water

  • Sprinkler systems as part of your fire management plan

  • Underfloor water heating systems

  • Plus lots more ...

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We are equipped to assist you with all your commercial plumbing needs big or small. 

  • New land and housing subdivisions including mains water tapping

  • Mains water extensions & tapping

  • Commercial kitchen fitouts and waste water requirements

  • Gas appliance installation

  • Fat collection sump pits

  • Sewage upgrade, extension & connection

  • Storm water pits & pipe

  • Factory roofing, gutters, down pipes & storm water management/collection

  • Industrial water treatment plant installation & maintenance

  • Commercial toilet installation

  • Commercial plumbing upgrades

  • Plus lots more ...

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We can test your soil and undertake a land assessment you can use to support your permit applications to council


We can design, provide and install a complete water management system to suite your needs and budget. All our designs comply with Australia Standards and Regulations

  • septic water treatment plant

  • septic tanks

  • composting toilet

  • grey water recycling

  • fresh water catchment

  • below ground irrigation field

  • sand filter systems

  • tank storage & pressure pumps (solar/electric/fuel

  • plus lots more ...

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We are a small growing family business



We aim to always offer you a helpful service that prides itself on the application of our expertise in plumbing and environmental science, quality workmanship and professional communication.


Ecologic Plumbing offers a full range of professional plumbing and environmental services. We have been proudly serving Castlemaine and the surrounding area and also wider Victoria (on occasion), since 2000. From minor leaks to major mishaps in both residential and commercial properties, we can assess, design, install and repair all your plumbing requirements. As an environmental scientist I can also help you with soil and land assessments that will support permit applications to council. I can also design plumbing systems that are environmentally friendly and meet all Australian Standards and Regulations. Give me a call today to discuss your needs.

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We guarantee expert, lasting quality and affordable prices for all of our plumbing and environmental services and in return we expect to be paid on completion of the job or as otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of work. For larger jobs we will enter a contact with you that will specify all the works and materials, who supplies what and a payment installment schedule. The aim of the contract is to ensure we are both informed of the expectations of each other, hence supporting good communication.

To summarize;

  • Small jobs of up to a day will be pay on the day.

  • Large jobs of more than a day will be contract based and comprise of a series of payment installments detailing the work and materials provided. On the last day of work when we complete your job, as detailed in the contract, the last installment is to be paid unless otherwise agreed.

  • Some jobs will require a deposit before commencing work and others material costs up-front.

Please feel free to discuss with us payment for services.



Professional. Fast. Reliable. Find out what Ecologic Plumbing can do for your plumbing needs. Contact me with questions, describe your project and I will help you with your plumbing problems. My normal hours of work are 7.30 am to 6.00 pm, but you can reach me by email anytime and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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25 meter roofing sheets: A five person lift


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